Why you shouldn’t buy cheap but also expensive skin care.

You can buy skin care products of all shapes and sizes at the supermarket, the drugstore, the pharmacy, perfumery but also from your beautician or online. Pfff….it’s giddy!

So how can you make a good choice. To know that, you need to know some basic information.

  1. The basis of all but all creams is pretty much the same, lots of water, greasy ingredients and some emulsifiers to make it lubricate nicely, all costs nothing. However, these substances do nothing for your skin, and here’s why….
  2. All matter consists of molecules and these in turn are atoms. Did you know that only molecules with up to 8 atoms can penetrate the skin? So your cream can lubricate nicely, but stay on your skin. (That’s why you can’t bring moisture, because our skin is waterproof)
  3. The cost of a product is made up by the jar (the nicer, the more expensive), marketing costs (the more the more expensive) and the ACTIVE INGREDIENT.

A cheap product can never be effective because good active ingredients (which therefore consist of up to 8 atoms) are expensive. So your cheap product consists of water and fats to which an emulsifier is added, not much more.

An expensive product, on the other hand, will contain active ingredients, but it will also consist of 70% marketing costs. So you pay for that nice ad in the glossies or on the television.

A GOOD PRODUCT has a high concentration of active ingredients that effectively transmit a message to the cells that can do something about a specific care, so they can regulate the attack of pigmentation, ensure that a good amount of collagen is produced again or that increases the resistance of the skin. In addition, a good product is clinically tested, clearly says what the operation of the product is and has no major marketing campaigns.

SingulaDerm meets all these requirements and more! Did you know that the company behind Singuladerm is one of four major pharmaceutical companies to develops peptides of its own? This allows us to put high concentrations of these fantastic messengers in our products and still remain profitable. You only have to use a little bit of our products, because the active ingredients penetrate the skin and do their job!

Scroll through our range and choose the product that will solve your care!

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