Sensitive serum – Soothes irritated skin – 30 ml


  • Soothes irritations such as itching, triggering, burning or feeling hot
  • Reduces redness and small kegs on the skin surface
  • Moisturizes
  • Prevents skin aging


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Serum that meets the requirements of sensitive and intolerant skin by providing quick and durable lighting, comfort, hydration and protection. Formulated with an innovative combination of active ingredients that reduce red spots, stimulate the skin's natural defences and repair the damage caused by external invoices.

Soothes irritations (itching, redness, triggering skin, burning or warm feeling) with respect for the skin.

Reduces redness and the appearance of small capillars.

Prevents skin aging due to damage from UV radiation on the DNA and proteins.

Hydrates and maintains the balance of the skin by protecting it from pathogenic microorganisms.


  • Delicure Complex
  • Protect Complex
  • Hydradefense Plus
  • Almond oil
  • Tocopherol