Xpert Sublime – Ultra concentrated botox-like serum – 50 ml


  • Rejuvenates and enhances the result of other SingulaDerm products
  • Reduces depth of wrinkles
  • Reduces signs of facial fatigue by immediately tightening effect
  • Encourages dna repair in aged and tired skin
  • Prevents premature aging of the skin

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Our botox-like bestseller, an ultra-concentrated serum with light and fresh texture, formulated with an exclusive combination of active ingredients that instantly penetrate deeply into the skin.
The active ingredients will help prevent your daily skin aging, and your wrinkles will visibly fade.



How to use

Apply to the face daily morning and evening after cleaning until the product is fully absorbed. Follow up with your favorite antiaging cream.


  • 10% Acetyl Octapeptide-3
  • 2% NeØclair-Pro™
  • 2% Ciclodextrinas
  • 1% Meiview™