What is molecular cosmetics?

The body consists of millions of molecules with thousands of different shapes and functions. As we age, these molecules work less and less well and we get wrinkles, sagging skin, spots, etc.
What if we could stop this premature aging?

By investigating

We investigate molecular processes that affect skin aging and research how to influence it.

By creating

We create active ingredients with the same structure as those of our own bodies (biomimetic peptides)

By encouraging

We stimulate processes that lose their power over time, such as collagen production.

The Secret of SingulaDerm

High concentration of molecular active ingredients

The formulas contain the highest concentration of active ingredients in the market. That’s why we guarantee effectiveness from the first time you use it.

Active ingredients that counteract free radicals

All formulas contain ingredients that counteract the damage by free radicals, and this way we combat premature skin aging.

Transport system for active ingredients

The transport systems that contain the products ensure that the ingredients get exactly where treatment is needed, making the products extra efficient.

Molecular cosmetics develops active ingredients with a clear function for the skin. These ingredients are pre-programmed to address the root of a problem.